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Galaxy Whitetail Solutions is a family-owned operation centrally located in beautiful Sumter County Florida, just thirty minutes south of Ocala. Owners Steve and Debbie Munz set a goal at the onset of their operation to be an industry leader, determined to consistently produce the biggest and most marketable deer that will survive and thrive in the state of Florida, while continuing to challenge the national standards.

With every intention of reaching such a goal, Galaxy Whitetail Solutions assembled a foundation herd consisting of some of the industry’s strongest does and sires from the most prolific bloodlines, including: Texas Tea, Stitches, High Roller, Express, and Maxbo.  At Galaxy Whitetail Solutions, we understand that environmental tolerance and disease resistance are heritable characteristics, and are highly significant factors during selection of breeding stock. Galaxy Whitetails therefore strives to systematically cross Northern and Texas bloodlines, producing breeding stock that is hardy and desirable nationwide. Utilizing Rax Wildlife Consulting, we meticulously put together our breeding and AI program each year incorporating only the absolute best sires available in the industry, sure to add value to any herd.


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Utilizing our state of the art handling facility, AI lab, and bottle-raising nursery, we ensure that our animals are subject to the least amount of stress possible. Coupled with our facilities, we implement a site-specific vaccination program and specialized handling techniques to ensure survivability. Our whitetails are on a proper nutrition plan affording exceptional antler growth and conception, while not compromising rumen health or survivability during transition into the preserve.

The staff at Galaxy Whitetail Solutions dedicates every effort to the development of our new rising stars. Take a moment to look at our deer and contact us today if you’re interested in our Whitetail Solutions.